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All the gemstones from will arrive at your door cleansed and fully programed by me.  I will be the only person who will touch the stones after I have programed them specifically for you.  In order to maintain your jewelry's effectiveness, you will want to periodically cleanse and re-program your gemstones.  The full moon is a perfect reminder to cleanse and re-program!

Cleansing Gemstones

Gemstones channel and store energy.  When focused energy is put into the stones they are given a purpose a “job to do.”  Before a stone can be given it's new assignment it needs to be cleansed and cleared.

Salt or Salt and Water can clear gemstones.  This method works particularly well with clear quartz crystals.  Bury the stone in salt or make a mixture of salt and water and bury the stone overnight.  Be careful to make sure that the stone that you are clearing can be submersed in water before you try this method, some disintegrate.

Smudging is the act of passing a stone through smoke.  The most popular smudge sticks are made out of sage and are readily available at metaphysical stores and on the internet.  Light the stick then blow out the flame so that the sage smolders.  Pass the stone through the smoke and focus on the stone becoming cleared and pure.  You may want to imagine a film or cloudiness slowly leaving the stone from top to bottom.

Sunlight and Moonlight are also very effective ways to clear gemstones.  Sunlight tends to permanently alter the color of some stones so letting them sit under the full moon is usually your best bet.  If you would like to find out when the next full moon is click here.

Burying in Soil is another way to cleanse a gemstone.  Pick a spot that you will be able to easily find later and bury the stone for at least a full day.  You can also use this method inside by burying the stone in a pot of soil.

Programing Gemstones

Gemstones will vibrate a specific energy on their own, but when a focused person programs them with a purpose they are more effective at healing.  To program your gemstone clear your mind and hold the stone fully enclosed in your hand.  Focus on the purpose the stone will play in your life.  You may want to visualize the end result (your new job, more creativity).  Whether or not you let other people handle your gemstones is a matter of personal taste.  Some people feel that another person's energy might throw off the gemstones purpose.

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